Welcome to the International Coastal Altimetry Community

In the last few years, considerable research has been carried out into extending the capabilities of current and future altimeters as close as possible to the coast, with the ultimate aim to integrate the altimeter-derived measurements of sea level, wind speed and significant wave height into coastal ocean observing systems. At the same time the major Space Agencies have recognized the importance of coastal altimetry and are sustaining coastal altimetry research through dedicated projects. This new coastal altimetry community, inherently interdisciplinary, has already had eight well-attended international workshops (see below and http://www.coastalaltimetry.org), and has produced a book on the subject, plus a Community White Paper for the OceanObs'09 conference.



Our mailing list: COASTALT-SWT

The Coastal Altimetry Science Working Team (COASTALT-SWT) is an informal grouping of scientists around a mailing list [coastalt-swt] for quick and efficient exchange of information, results and news on Coastal Altimetry.
The list is hosted on the NOC server and has more than 200 international contacts. It is the most effective way of reaching out to the coastal altimetry community.
COASTALT-SWT reports informally to the Ocean Surface Topography Science Team, which we see a bit like our 'parent' group. Please contact Paolo Cipollini or Stefano Vignudelli if you are interested in joining the mailing list or posting an item.

Our Workshops:

10th Coastal Altimetry Workshop - Florence, Italy, 21-24 February 2017 - General information and Abstract Submission 

This will include sessions on studies using the new Jason-3 and Sentinel-3 data, and special sessions jointly with the Altimetry for Regional and Coastal Models (ARCOM) community of GODAE COSS-TT, and the Sea Level community and data providers.

The workshop will be accompanied by a SAR Altimetry Training Course for the benefit of early career scientists and any satellite oceanographer who’d like to get more familiar with the SAR mode on CryoSat-2 and Sentinel-3.


9th COASTAL ALTIMETRY WORKSHOP WEB PAGE - the 9th Coastal Altimetry Workshop was held on Sun 18 - Mon 19 October 2015  at the Hyatt Regency in Reston, VA, on the US East Coast - same location as OSTST which followed on Tue 20 to Fri 23 October

8th Coastal Altimetry Workshop - Lake Constance, Germany, 23-24 October 2014  - Agenda, Presentations and Posters and the Workshop summary talk given by Paolo at OSTST2014

7th Coastal Altimetry Workshop - Boulder (CO, USA) 7-8 October 2013 - Agenda, Presentations and Posters and a short summary of the Workshop.

6th Coastal Altimetry Workshop - Riva del Garda (Italy) 20-21 September 2012 - Agenda, Presentations and Posters and a short summary of the Workshop.

5th Coastal Altimetry Workshop - San Diego (USA) 16-18 October 2011 - Agenda, Presentations and Posters and Summary of the Workshop.

4th Coastal Altimetry Workshop - Porto (Portugal) 14-15 October 2010 - Agenda, Presentations and Posters  

3rd Coastal Altimetry Workshop - Frascati (Italy) 17-18 Sept 2009 - Agenda, Presentations and Posters (follow link to "Programme")

2nd Coastal Altimetry Workshop - Pisa (Italy) 6-7 Nov 2008 - Agenda, Presentations and Posters

1st Coastal Altimetry Workshop - Silver Spring (USA) 5-7 Feb 2008 - Agenda and Presentations

Our book

Vignudelli, S., A. Kostianoy, P. Cipollini, J. Benveniste (eds.)(2011). Coastal Altimetry, Springer, doi: 10.1007/978-3-642-12796-0. See also a full table of contents.


Datasets for coastal altimetry


ID Produced by Missions Product level Posting  Coverage Download from
AVISO CLS, CNES e1,tx,e2, en, j1, j2, c2 (LRM/PRLM), sa L2, L3, L4 1 Hz Global + european regions AVISO+
CNES also L4
CMEMS CLS e1,tx,e2, en, j1, j2, c2 (LRM/PRLM), sa L3 1 Hz Global + european regions marine.copernicus.eu
CNES L3 for assim
PISTACH CLS j2 L2 20 Hz Global AVISO+
PEACHI CLS sa L2 40 Hz Global AVISO+
XTRACK LEGOS-CTOH tx, j1, j2, gfo, en  L2, L3 1 Hz 23 regions CTOH
20Hz (test) AVISO+
RADS EUMETSAT, NOAA, TUDelft gs, e1, tx, pn, e2, gfo, j1, n1, j2, c2, sa   1 Hz Global TUDelft
ALES NOC j2, n1 (coming)   20 Hz Global, <50 km from coast PODAAC
SARvatore ESA-ESRIN c2 (SAR only)   20 Hz SAR mode  regions ESA GPOD
COP ESA c2 (LRM/PLRM) L2 20 Hz Global ESA

Early initiatives

The 2006 Beijing workshop

The ALTICORE project (site under maintenance)